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Greek for a Week

Intentional travelers need a local guide to get connected to and immerse themselves in the essence of a culture in a short period of time because their vacation time and knowledge of the local way of life are limited. Without a custom-made itinerary by a local who has a strong grasp of the land, language, and all that a country has to offer–without a guide who has a passion for creating unforgettable experiences for foreigners to explore the country–vacationers might miss out on some of the absolute best experiences within their reach. 

Greek for a Week (GFAW) exists to close the gap here. For one week, GFAW offers guided tours and excursions in Greece for small groups of 6-15 people that are seeking a complete immersion into Greek culture. We enjoy many tourist attractions, but we skip the surface-level travel experience to get deep into the Greek way of life.


Email to inquire about the trip you want to discuss and reserve your spot today!


Want to refer a friend? Get $250 off of your trip when you do!

Travel Itineraries

Trips are all-inclusive (accommodations, transportation transfers, two meals per day, and excursions) and begin at $2,500 per person. There are 7 trips per year that occur in the following order:

  1. Early February in Athens & Arachova

  2. Late March in Thessaloniki & Pozar Natural Hot Springs

  3. Mid-May in Athens, Paros & Santorini

  4. Late June in Thessaloniki & Halkidiki

  5. Early September in Thessaloniki, Paleio Panteleimonas (on Mount Olympus) & Katerini

  6. Early November in Thessaloniki & Litochoro

  7. Mid-December in Thessaloniki & Metsovo

Consultation Process

The consultation and planning deposit starts at $500. The final fee will depend on the complexity of your travel request. This deposit will be applied to your final trip cost and balance.

Returning Client Perks


We do not charge a planning and consultation fee for our repeat travelers! You know how we work and what to expect from our services.

Deposits & Payments

A 50% deposit payment is required at the time of trip booking. This allows us to secure your hotels and services for your chosen itinerary and dates of travel. In some cases, lodges/hotels may require payment in full at the time of booking – particularly around peak travel times like the Winter holidays. Any trip booked within 90 days or less of your departure date, requires full payment at the time of booking.


In many destinations, hotels and lodges cannot guarantee availability or place holds without a deposit. Additionally, these booking periods require extra hours to source availability under tight deadlines.

Rebooking & Postponements


In some cases, a rebooking fee of $500 will be charged for the postponement of an itinerary with one country. For more complex trips that include multiple destinations, a rebooking fee of $750 will be charged. This fee is separate from any increase in ground costs that result from a postponement.

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