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COVID-19 Testing Resources: Greece

Before traveling to Greece

Get tested 48 hours before arrival if possible. Only some airlines will accept test results within 72 hours in advance. Flights can be long, especially from outside of the EU. Every airport has a nearby testing center. Here's an FAQ for COVID-19 if you're arriving at the Athens International Airport.

The Passenger Locator Form (PLF) can be found on the Visit Greece app and at It is strongly recommended that all visitors download the Visit Greece app (GDPR compliant) for free, prior their arrival in Greece. Any other websites that act as intermediaries are not approved and are considered to be fraudulent.

If you're traveling from Greece, you can find all the testing requirements here.

Upon arrival in Greece

You may be tested for free at the airport upon arrival. Airports randomly test passengers arriving, even if you have a negative test to present that was taken within 48 hours to arrival.

Several local pharmacies offer testing while you're in the country. There are also at-home tests available at local pharmacies for about 5 euros. Be aware that at-home tests results are not accepted by any airport; they're just for your convenience.

PCR tests are about 55 euros for the most part. You can use this tool to find a site near you that offers PCR and rapid tests. Follow the prompts to enter your appointment date, time, and contact information.

Before departing Greece

There are several paid and free options for testing around the country. Here's a list of 123 testing sites. If you're flying with Aegean, there are a few easy steps you can take to book your testing appointment available here.

More info about and process for making an appointment to get tested in Athens and Thessaloniki are found here.


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