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That Place in Greece

There's nothing like a home-cooked meal!

All worries melt away as soon as some down-home cookin' reaches the lips. Mmm-hmm!

So far, we've had wild boar meatballs in avgolemono soup, all-natural sausage with no preservatives at all - and it was the best sausage we've ever had in our lives... with flavors like these, it's easy to forget what it means to worry at all.

Is it even possible to have any worries while you travel?!


On the way over here, the TSA confiscated Ivy's coconut oil that she uses to keep her dreads moisturized. In case you didn't know, African-American hair will break off (in this case, by the dread!) if it's too dehydrated. It still burns her scalp to put anything but natural ingredients in her hair for now.

After the first night in London, Ivy woke up with something called a sweat rash on her neck... from sweating while she slept! Who knew?! The back of her neck is still taking time to heal since it lost a layer of skin...

You can get sick one way or another while you travel. Short-term ailments like these can occur while you're traveling, and it's uncomfortable, to say the least. Self-care is critical.

We recommend a good homemade meal and hydrocortisone for immediate relief - but that doesn't always guarantee a cure for a rash or ailment.

Try practicing a humbling approach.

Just before leaving San Francisco, Ivy picked up a book called The Girl Who Smiled Beads by Clemantine Wamariya. Ivy had the privilege of meeting Clemantine, who grew up a Rwandan refugee in the ‘90s, and is reading her book now.

According to Ivy, this book has changed the way she perceives her own momentary setbacks... you can get it for yourself and your loved ones here.

Check out Clemantine's TEDx Talk here.


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