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That Place in L.A.

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

We were invited to a travelers' circle and a party in West Holloywood, so we thought a work-cation would be the best idea.

Venice Beach at sunset

We took the 6am MegaBus from San Francisco to Union Station in L.A. Arrived at 3pm, took a 3-hour nap, and then woke up to find out that Adonis lost his wallet. Hakuna mimosa.

A couple of days before the trip, the travelers' circle was cancelled - but then rescheduled for the same day, earlier time.

Oh, and of course, the one bedroom/one bathroom AirBnB we're staying at is actually 6 bedrooms and one bathroom. We're still smiling!

Happy as clams!

I'm all about community

In fact, I managed a co-living space with 45 residents in San Francisco. But I've never had such an issue getting to the bathroom than in this AirBnB... here's to the current #MrAndMsAdventure


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