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That Place in our hearts

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Dolores Park, Halloween 2015

#MrAndMsAdventure #DoloLove
Dolores Park, Halloween 2015

We've fallen in love with one another more than once. We're eager to immerse ourselves in multicultural experiences and opportunities to live in new environments around the globe. While we work remotely (and before having kids), our global network of friends and family provide a platform for us to give back to people around the world in a way that enables and empowers them in their work, play, and life.

Where does our [bad] luck come from?

Great question! Tony's last name is the root of the surprisingly consistent influx of his good luck and bad luck. I took his last name one year after we married. Then I started to notice a lot more luck, both kinds, on frequently.

What kinds of situations does bad (and good) luck get us into?

We plan to share our #MrAndMsAdventures with you on


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