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That Place in the Delta

#MrandMsAdventure on top of the world (at the Parthenon)
Two lovebirds at the Parthenon

Two huge differences between our experiences in the States and in Greece are price and process.

The price of a gym membership here in Greece is as low as 20 euro per month for a 3-month package. The process of our gym visits: We're the only ones who take showers after a workout, and if we went to attend pilates class, there may very well be a totally different class going on instead (e.g. high-intensity interval training).

The price of a Brazilian wax here in Greece is as low as 5 euro, and the process is a lot faster. You can save $55 on a wax here compared to San Francisco prices, and save at least 10-15 minutes, too. I remember coming to my first wax appointment in SF, and the wax specialist asked me why I wasn't interested in plugging my earphones into my phone and watching Netflix while she worked. Here in Greece, I had a conversation [in Greek] with the wax specialist as she worked.

The price of two types of fresh fish, a bag of fava beans, and some freshly baked snacks to munch on as we walked home with those groceries in hand: 25 euro total. The process entailed going to a specialty shop for fish, a different shop for fava beans, and a different place for baked goods, all nextdoor to one another; it took about 10 minutes.

We're enjoying and appreciating the differences between countries, especially when it comes to price and process. What do you notice in price and process when you travel to a new place?


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