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Hi, I'm Ivy Summer! I help small and medium-sized businesses integrate diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI) initiatives in the workplace and among their customer base. My "why" in general is all about personal and professional [and every other kind of] development. A process where the work is not easy (and not always simple)–developmental work that yields truly profound and lasting benefits, whose purpose is not to perfect but to persist and progress–I love doing that for myself, and I love facilitating it for other people. My why is about creating a sense of communion with people around how we develop into better human beings.


I specialize in identifying areas of opportunity that hinder an organization’s potential for DEI and recommending how to establish best practices that stick. My mission is to empower organizations to benefit from unique contributions that stem from the diversity of their employees and customers. Let's connect over virtual coffee or tea to chat about your DEI journey and what matters to you.

Consider subscribing to my monthly or quarterly workshops, which includes replays and monthly newsletters here.


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